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Organic Honey Fennel Blossom

Organic Honey Fennel Blossom

strongly aromatic, fruity, strong, sweet - creamy - from Middle Franconia


Regional fennel cultivation is very rare, organic cultivation is even rarer.

We are fortunate to have a Biokreis farm near us that grows fennel. This enables us to produce high-quality and delicate organic fennel blossom honey.


This special honey has several characteristics.

On the one hand, organic fennel blossom honey is not only rare and difficult to obtain, it is particularly aromatic in taste, a true pleasure experience and, on the other hand, a true miracle cure from nature thanks to its calming effect.


The high-quality organic fennel blossom honey is not to be confused with the often incorrectly named "fennel honey", a mixture of honey, sugar and fennel oil. Our organic fennel blossom honey is not flavored, a purely natural product.

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