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Märkte 2024

Samstag, 24.02.

Wertheim - 5. Saatgutfestival

Sonntag, 17.03. 

Lauda-Königshofen - Frühlingsmarkt 

Sonntag, 24.03

Bürgstadt - Josefsmarkt

Sonntag, 21.04.

Buchen - Naturparkmarkt

Sonntag, 05.05.

Hirschberg - Naturparkmarkt

Donnerstag bis Sonntag. 30.05. bis 03.06

Michelstadt / Eulbach - Odenwald Country Fair

Sonntag, 09.06.

Mosbach - Naturparkmarkt

Sonntag, 14.07.

Billigheim - Naturparkmarkt

Samstag, 03.08.

Mosbach - Kräutermarkt

Samstag, 07.09.

Mosbach - Kurpfälzer Brotmarkt

Sonntag, 22.09.

Haßmersheim - Naturparkmarkt

Sonntag, 29.09. 

Schwarzach / Tierpark - Bauernmarkt

Sonntag, 06.10.

Bürgstadt - Bauernmarkt

Sonntag, 13.10.

Heidelberg - Naturparkmarkt

Sonntag, 20.10.

Hardheim - Wendelinusmarkt

Sonntag, 03.11

Wertheim - Bauernmarkt

Sonntag, 01.12. 

Waldbrunn - Naturparkmarkt

Donnerstag bis Sonntag, 05. bis 08.12.

Bad Mergentheim - Weihnachtsmarkt

Donnerstag bis Sonntag, 12. bis 15.12.

Bad Mergentheim - Weihnachtsmarkt

Samstag und Sonntag, 21. und 22.12.

Bürgstadt - Weihnachtszauber


Because the bees need flowers

- Eco-social project on biodiversity

- Pupils from the Seckachtal School campaign for insects

- Cooperation with the organic beekeeping Willared

- A school garden is created from the proceeds 


For us as an organic beekeeper, it is primarily a concern to support biodiversity. The world is experiencing the greatest extinction of species in living memory.

I explained to the children: "When I started school 40 years ago, there were many more insects. If you imagine all the insects fitting in a bucket, it was full to the brim. Today, only the bottom would be covered." 

Since the 1980s we have had an 80% decline in insect biomass. This is very frightening and alarming when you consider the consequences. Not only are insects important for pollinating our food, but they are also food for other animals. This also results, for example, in bird deaths. 

Every day 135 species of plants, fungi and animals die.

Hence this project, to ensure that the insects find food and thus make the children and parents aware of how our environment is doing. 

In cooperation with the school in Seckach, we build seedballs with the children so that they can actively do good for the environment. We, the organic beekeeping Willared, will sell these seedballs in our farm shop, our sales outlets and in our online shop. We donate the proceeds to the school for the construction of its school and natural garden. 

Win-win for children and insects.

Stephanie Willared

Bio-Imkerei Willared - Seetballs.JPG
Bio-Imkerei Willared - Wildschwein.jpg

wild boar enclosure

of the Willared organic apiary

"It was love at first sight"

As a freshman, Brunhilde stood exhausted, starved and sick in front of our forester's lodge and you could tell that she was looking for help. We took her in, nursed her back to health and bottle raised her.  

Bärbel and Rambo were added later.

Today we have a large enclosure for our loved ones very close to our farm shop. There they have space to rummage, observe, roam, sniff and doze. They prefer to be scratched on their stomachs.

Yes, the three are our cuddly toys and can live with us as long as God wants.  

You are welcome to get to know Brunhilde, Bärbel and Rambo personally and experience the friendliness of these intelligent animals.  


Just get in touch with us. 

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