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Organic seedballs
  • Organic seedballs

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    These seedballs contain the organic seeds of the Visselhöveder bloom mixture, with organic potting soil (without peat) and clay soil, for easy sowing, to the delight of our insects.

    Place a seedbed in your garden and keep it moist with water, then it will germinate and throughout the year buckwheat, phacelia, sunflowers, mallow, Alexandrian clover, Persian clover, yellow mustard, camelina, calendula, dill, seradelle, sweet pea and oilseed flax will bloom . 

    A paradise for all nectar collectors.


    By buying these seedballs you support the Seckachtal School. With the proceeds from these seedballs, the children will create a near-natural school garden. Nice project that  we are happy to support so that children understand that our food does not just come from supermarket shelves and that insects are necessary for it.


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