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wooden heart - bee heartly

wooden heart - bee heartly

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Bee heartly

handmade  Wooden heart made of natural oak with  tealight  "FLOREA" made from 100% organic beeswax and a  “SPECULO” tea light glasses.

Size: about 15  ×12  x 2/3.5cm


Tealight * FLOREA

Handmade from 100% organic beeswax without aluminum and paraffin

The tea lights have a diameter of 3.5 cm, are about 2 cm high, are made of about 15 g high-quality organic beeswax and have a burning time of up to 3.5 hours.

For ecological reasons, we do not use the usual paraffin-soaked wick in the production of these tea lights and use small wooden cores to stabilize the wick instead of an aluminum base.

When beeswax is burned, essential oils are released which have a calming effect on our body and mind.

In contrast to sterol or paraffin candles, beeswax candles burn almost soot-free.


Please note that to burn these tea lights you need a "SPECULO" tea light glass.

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